Tailored Training is Available 

In addition to our online courses that prepare individuals to acquire the capacities needed to start and grow their entrepreneurial enterprises,

we also "train the trainer".  Whether a public sector entity such as a city's business development agency or a private job placement agency, 

we can design training  for your clients that can be delivered online in their language through the auspices of your organization. We help 

prepare staff to conduct our training projects in the city of your choice.  Contact usto create or host coursework and its delivery through

the Internet corresponding to needs and goals that fits scheduling calendars.


EYE was created to facilitate learning needed by young entrepreneurs that will hone the skills needed to envision, plan and execute a

start-up enterprise. Coursework focuses on imparting information about a startup’s life cycle:            

​                                                                                                           ideation   *   launch   *   growth   

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Unemployment and underemployment were some of the worst repercussions of the 2007–2008

financial crisis that affected young people. Countries with high unemployment are also losing

highly-educated qualified workers through the infamous "brain drain".  Salaries in these countries

are typically so low that young workers are not being able to support themselves, raise a family,

become a homeowner or plan for retirement, let alone contribute to society. The economic situation

is worse for the disabled - data show the unemployment rate among young disabled people is

extremely high. Exacerbating the situation, Europe has seen unprecedented migration from political

and economic refugees who also have problems with finding adequate jobs for their skills.  Read more.....


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  • gaming, mobile apps, music
  • teaching, consulting, tutoring, coaching and mentoring  
  • marketing, webdesign, community manager, blogging, SEO services
  • urban planning, architectural design, Smart Cities services, Smart Homes services
  • e-medicine and health improvement apps
  • freelance informational  services - filmaking, documentaries, storytelling, journalism, podcasts
  • graphic design, photography/videography, creative services
  • language learning, translations and simultaneous interpretations, transcription 
  • project management, outsourced administration and virtual office assistance
  • Data entry, CRM, billing, coding 
  • R&D, engineering, product sales
  • Big Data analysis, IoT, cyber security, SAAS and DAAS
  • personal and professional matchmaking services


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Another objective of EOE centers around getting young unemployed and underemployed people back to work.

We took the factory assembly-line concept and adapted it to our virtual factory co-work enterprise for outsourced

projects. This supports the retraining of people with skills to form part of team approach to business resources

made available to fulfill a wide variety of needs. Thus, we create a network of technically-capable people who

solve project needs that can be broken down into small tasks that can be completed "in the cloud". This creates

a win/win situation for both our co-workers and project clients.  Read more.....

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The list just scratches the surface of the possibilities for entrepreneurial endeavors - they are endless!  What is lacking is training to create a path

from idea to launch.  The uniqueness of  EYE- the E-Incubator for Young Entrepreneurs is that it is available to anyone with reliable Internet to

engage in online learning, which mitigates against geographic limitations.  The online nature of the course offers the many benefits of distance

learning, eliminating many obstacles that may be present in brick-and-mortar classes.  It is cost-effective, scalable and easy to duplicate in most 

languages. Finally, it connects those working to ameliorate the conditions that lead to unemployment and underemployment in our targeted

beneficiary population - 24 to 29 year olds residing in 18 countries of the Southern, Eastern and Baltic flanks of the European Union.  

A similar project is being developed for the ENI CBC Mediterranean Sea Basin Programme 2014-2020 and a separate project for

unemployed and underemployed people over 50 in the United States.  



Tune into EYE  Radio, where we convene the conversation about youth unemployment and underemployment

in Europe. EYE Radio features the biggest stories of the day, thoughtful commentaries and insightful features

around the stories that count most. Our goal is to act as a transnational mirror — taking time to help our targeted

countries look at themselves to ask how they can do a better job at combating a common enemy. Our podcasts

are available for download 24/7.  Read more.....  



It is said that unemployment in the Southern/Eastern and Baltic flank of the EU is an emergency,

and underemployment is a crisis. The effects of youth unemployment are serious and a threat to

the development towards social and economic cohesion in Europe. High unemployment and

underemployment have been exacerbated by the refugee crisis that began in 2015 as well as lingering

effects of austerity measures and the financial crisis that began in 2008.  Read more.....

When asked what could be done to solve the unemployment challenges presented across the globe,

business leaders responded with suggestions for increased job creation, improved education and

fostering innovation. Public and private sectors are urged to create more jobs, give young people the

skills and confidence to fill them, and encourage more entrepreneurship.  Read more.....

We work with public sector development offices, employment and job placement centers, career counselors, recruiting agencies and other

entities with a mission to secure a revenue stream for their clients. The end-product of the project includes setting the stage for launching

viable small businesses and retraining for virtual co-work. Our special emphasis on helping young entrepreneurs create virtual e-business 

enterprises in any of the 18 targeted countries (see the  EYE  Atlas  for the list), especially in those regions where regulations impede

startups and SME growth.



Our primary objectives for  EYE  are:

  • to serve as a resource for those working toward bringing down the unemployment and underemployment  rates for young people

        in ourtargeted countries; help young entrepreneurs bring to life an idea for a successful business or retrain for skills that will enable

        them to participate in outsourced projects "in the cloud" as co-workers in our virtual factory;

  • to make available "train the trainer" workshops in-country with access to online learning for language-appropriate training that can

        be incorporated into current  efforts to assist the young unemployed or underemployed establish a revenue stream through


  • ​build awareness and understanding around the issues, disseminating content through Internet radio;
  • design and implement a digital badge system to make skills acquired through the coursework more clearly and easily understood 

        by European employers, thus facilitating the mobility of both learners and workers.

  • support students to acquire 21st Century skills around studies regarding structural labour market changes through Knowledge 

        Building computer-supported collaborative learning that helps students become active citizens, critical thinkers, problem solvers 
        and find new job opportunities.

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The  EYE  Knowledge Building   ecosystem aims to support students to acquire 21st Century skills around 

studies regarding structural labour market changes through Knowledge Building computer-supported collaborative

learning that helps students become active citizens, critical thinkers and problem solvers, with the skills to prepare

themselves for the jobs of the future and especially those new to the 21st Century workforce. Read more.....




The coursework is divided into four modules taking place over a two-year period: 
CONCEPTS AND PREPARATION Courses designed to lay the foundation for a deeper understanding of

entrepreneurial success

COMMON COURSES Focusing on the specifics of a successful entrepreneurial venture  
SPECIALIZATION TRACKSSpecific needs of entrepreneurs in specialized industries, sectors or themes
LOCALIZED COURSES– These courses will focus on content with a country-specific impact or control  
The fifth module, an Internship / Consulting Project, will allow students to put their coursework learning into

practice with a consulting project to work with external “clients” to address a business challenge in their field

of interest.  Read more.....

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The   EYE  virtual badges  make skills and qualifications clearly and easily understood by Europe employers

and complement the Europass, thus facilitating the mobility of both learners and workers. Virtual badges package

 information about accomplishments, embedding it into portable image files as digital badges, and establishing

resources for its validation. These Open Badges contain detailed metadata about achievements, who earned a

badge, who issued it, and what does it mean? The data is all inside.  Read more.....


EYE - E-Incubator for Young Entrepreneurs
EYE - E-Incubator for Entrepreneurs