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​​Co-Learning in Barcelona

EYE - E-Incubator for Young Entrepreneurs

Attention entrepreneurs, freelancers, and startups - come to CoWork Idea,

the space created especially for people wanting to network, meet, work, or 

grow their business. Get inspired from others sharing workspace and 

conference facilities located in L'Eixample, a stone-throw away from the

University of Barcelona main campus and the hub-bub of downtown

Barcelona. Flexible work spaces in either communal areas or private

offices, with shared equipment and conference facilities - fresh coffee


​​Co-Working in Barcelona

EYE - E-Incubator for Entrepreneurs

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Since 2003, our team has designed a broad range of study programmes we

offer in Barcelona. Through our ever growing network of contacts in the business,

public sector and educational community, our aim is to provide experiences that

will expand knowledge and increase skills, as well as host opportunities to explore

the culture and exciting environments of our home town as the largest innovation

hub in the Mediterranean. 

Our mission is to enrich lives through providing unique learning experiences and

cultural orientations. Our tailor-made courses and workshops for groups are 

designed for a variety of subject matters and conducted in English. Alternatively,

these activities can take place in the language of the group, in Spanish or in

Catalan, and often include professional visits to local business working in whatever

subject is being studied. Consider it a sort of trade mission, where networking and

relationship-building can take place while learning about the latest innovations

and best practices in a field. Additionally, groups are treated to the scintillating

​environs of Barcelona, an excellent destination for people of ages to enjoy. Situated

directly on the Mediterranean Sea, Barcelona as a cosmopolitan city is full of cultural

venues like museums, theatres and cinemas, extensive nightlife and leisurely activities. 

Barcelona is also home to Barça as well as a wide range of sports. The city is a blend

of modern and medieval, progress and traditionalism, all while remaining typically

Mediterranean.The diverse range of commerce and industry present in this region

of Spain makes it an excellent place for work, study, rest, play and inter-cultural exchange.

Barcelona is recognised as a global city because of its importance in technology,

finance, commerce, media, entertainment, the arts and international trade.  We have

come to specialize in a few industries and sector that are of paramount economic

importance to this region of Spain:  entrepreneurship and mindset; hospitality and

tourism; fashion and retail; management, marketing, administration and international

trade; ecology, sustainability and architecture; language training; and the wine industry.

These sectors offer the most availability of host companies willing to participate in the

framework of training and expert exchanges. Furthermore, we have been successful at

arranging placements and visits not only in a wide range of sectors, we also have a

good track record of placements and visits in esoteric subject matters and unique interests

for all types of mobility programming.