We took our model for the EYE Community of Practice from The Knowledge Building International

Project (KBIP), supporting inquiry-based experiential learning in small-group learning environments.

The KBIP Community of Practice is virtual exchange programming that promotes dialogue and discussion

around topics through phenomenon learning on an online platform that can be incorporated

into learning and teaching strategies for innovative classrooms in K-12 education.

Download the KBIP Community of Practice manual here.

The primary purpose of the KBIP Community of Practice is to offer

resources associated with Knowledge-Building pedagogy, methodologies

and strategies around phenomenon learning in small-group learning 

environments that is revolutionizing education systems throughout the

world. This is the systemic change needed to adopt an interdisciplinary

approach to learning. In a knowledge-building classroom, teachers become

facilitators of knowledge, guiding their students through scaffolding while
examining real-world problems that forms the basis 
for teaching by topics. 

The Knowledge Building International Project utilizes both knowledge-building

pedagogy as well as edtech formulated specifically for inquiry-based learning -

the Knowledge Forum, an electronic workspace that supports collaborative learning 

and its associated tools for assessment of learning outcomes and teaching efficiencies.

These are bundled within a complete ecosystem for ​effective learning and teaching - ALTE,

the Alternative Learning and Teaching Ecosystem.

Members of the Knowledge Building International Project are able to network with each others

for partnering their classrooms, engaging in ongoing professional development and mentoring

through the Community of Practice, and collaborate by partnering classrooms around the world.

Through the KBIP Community of Practice, they have access to a library of literature, best-case

studies, research and other resources that help them improve the craft of teaching.

The Community of Practice features a forum for discussions and conversations, and sponsors

an annual event where members can come together to learn from each other and bring back

new ideas for effective knowledge-building strategies for their classrooms.

​The Knowledge Building International Project is led by Mireia Montane, Ph.D., former Director

of International Cooperation and Scientific Research at the Catalonia (Spain) Ministry of Education.

Dr. Montane is the current Chair of the Global Education Research and Development Community
at the Association for Teacher Education in Europe, and is the immediate Past President
of the

World Federation of Associations for Teacher Education.

Facilitating #KnowledgeEconomy skills

   Don't ask students what

they want to be when they 

grow up. Instead, ask them 

if they know of a problem

​that needs a solution.

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*  Computer-supported Collaborative Inquiry-based experiential learning around topics that

leads to subject mastery - students actual perform better in testing because they are under-

standing core concepts more thoroughly

21st Century skills that employers seek in their employees, including critical thinking,

collaboration, communication and creativity - the 4Cs of future education and skills in demand

by the 21st Century workforce

*   Adherence to standards set forth by UNESCO, OECD and World Federation of Associations for

Teacher Education to rethink teaching and devise innovative learning environments

*   EdTech formulated specifically for knowledge building, with built-in formative and sumative

assessment tools that verify improved learning outcomes

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