The Community of Practice features

the three-pronged approach of 

              LEARNING +



There is an online forum for discussions

and conversations, and sponsors an

annual event wheremembers can

come together face-to-face to learn

from each other and bring back new

ideas for effective knowledge-transfer

strategies for their own learning


​The EYE Community of Practice is led by

Mireia Montane, Ph.D., former Director of

International Cooperation and Scientific

Research at the Catalonia (Spain) Ministry

of Education. Dr. Montane is the current

Chair of the Global Education Research and

Development Community at the Association

for Teacher Education in Europe, and is the

immediate Past President of the World

Federation of Associations for Teacher Education.

Community of Practice

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Global Skills Network

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We took our model for the EYE Community of Practice from

the Dael Model to support the facilitators (trainers, instructors,

teachers and mentors) of EYE programming in a variety of

learning environments. 

The EYE Community of Practice (CoP) is virtual exchange

programming that promotes dialogue and discussion via

an online platform that offers resources associated with

the topic of EYE programming. Members of the EYE CoP
are able to network with each others
for partnering their

learning environments almost anywhere in the world, engage

in ongoing professional development and mentoring, and collaborate. Through the virtual community of practice, they

have access to a library of literature, best-case studies, research and other resources that help them improve the craft

of teaching and mentoring, becoming effective facilitators of learning. 

Facilitating #KnowledgeEconomy skills

   Gone are the silos that

confined teachers to a single

classroom - a Community of

Practice networks teachers,

​instructors and facilitators

around the world. 

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