​​​​​​EYEMED is a 7-country  consortium

to combat youth unemployment and

underemployment while enhancing

employment sustainability working

with the public sector, training

organizations/higher education 

institutions and nonprofits in the

Mediterranean region. 

EYE was devised as a training model

that provides the building blocks for the

acquisition of Knowledge Economy skills

for success in entrepreneurship, the

workforce and in education. The model

begins with an exploration of The Future

of Work and Industry 4.0, moving on to

acquiring the mindset of an entrepreneur,

competences through distance learning

coupled with activities and services

within a localized entrepreneurial ecosystem.  

The project has overlapping goals aligned

with clarion calls for education reform

and activity to promote socio-economic

development and social cohesion in

areas around the world. The model

is available worldwide.

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Our project supports the acquisition

of marketable skills of the NEET

population in the Mediterranean

region through training + linkages +


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EYE - E-Incubator for Entrepreneurs

​​​​​The EYE Training Model For

Acquiring Knowledge Economy Skills

supports entrepreneurship trainng via

seven components working together to

equip beneficiaries of a complete

ecosystem of training, including

training the trainer in the use of

information and communication


-  Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Competitiveness;
-  Social Inclusion, Youth Employment/Unemployment/NEETs

    and Poverty Reduction, Economic Development,

    Environment, Alternative Energy, Technology, Smart Cities

The E-Corner

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EYE - E-Incubator for Entrepreneurs

Our E-Corner is the content curator for our cross-border collaborations.  It is more than just a repository of information and insights on the challenges

faced, solutions proposed, resources marshaled or research findings around the issues of programming sponsored under the EYE umbrella. Under

each of our programmes, the E-Corner serves a distinct function:

​     - UnderEYE TRAINING, the E-Corner helps our beneficiaries engaging in entrepreneurship as a job or gaining employment in traditional fields, bring

their ideas to life and create value for their entrepreneurial endeavors by curating content. A digital catalogue associated with a content curator platform

displays media-rich postings to connect with each other. Here, they are able to display what they have learned from the experts in developing their project,

and where they can learn from each other.  This is a benchmark of entrepreneurship and an important  interpretation of EntreComp competences.

     -  the E-Corner allows participants of sponsored programming to work with together through the Knowledge Forum, an education  technology formulated

specifically for knowledge-building learning communities. The programme supports collaborative learning around a experiential communication audit  project,

where participants are exposed to a real-world working environment to increase skills in the areas of communication, teamwork, research and analysis.

Their exposure to real-world problems will task them to come up with solutions that involve critical thinking and creativity.

Contact:  Sandra Lund-Diaz, M.Ed.,  Administration Coordinator, info@eyeincubator.com 

A Community of Practice

for Staff and Faculty

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EYE - E-Incubator for Young Entrepreneurs

Our Current Projects

The EYE Community of Practice resides on our digital platform as a method of bringing together staff, faculty and others who train and

mentor beneficiaries. This virtual community of practice allows its members to network and communicate on a regular basis to share

information and experiences tolearn from each other and develop their professional capacities as trainers and mentors. It is also the space

EYE partners and organizers access to share information and communicate about the project's progress. The EYE CoP contains a

repository of informational resources that can help expand training options and stay abreast of publications, research and other information

pertinent to the work accomplished through EYE.

The EYE CoP also organizes the "train the trainer" workshops for the diverse needs of our projects.

Our space for learning and to network with like-minded people, share ideas, and be connected to a community

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Opportunities to Collaborate

To address society-wide issues toward 

producing positive outcomes and intellectual

outputs while convening stakeholders around: