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Proven Strategies

For Effective

Learning & Teaching...

Work packages and outputs are fine-tuned via dialogue between the project's partners



Replicating the EYE Model For Positive Outcomes...

       Entrepreneurship is not

     a career path.  It is a state  

of mind that will prove to be

what makes you different …

and you’re going to need it,

because society needs a reset.

​​EYENEET  coalesces

stakeholders  around

NEETS - not in education,

employment or training,

and the issues of youth

unemployment in the

Mediterranean Region

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19 | 06 | 2019
Cairo, Egypt

activities for innovation

​and technologies.

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The EYE model can be implemented in a variety of settings as a project idea.

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Our core group of experts in a variety of fields validate the opportunity for synergy

The project supports

a Community of

Practice for trainers and 

mentors who become

facilitators of learning

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EYE Training Model 

empowers individuals

with skills and a growth

mindset to become


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Our work is directed toward positioning the EYE model to facilitate individuals acquiring competences that all people should have to live, work and learn in today’s globally-connected society.

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The EYE triaining model maximizes the impact of three proven strategies for effective teaching and learning:

     *  The Entrepreneurship Competence Framework, also known as EntreComp, offers a tool to improve the

entrepreneurial capacity of individuals and organisations. EntreComp describes entrepreneurship as a lifelong

competence that enables an individual to act upon opportunities and ideas and transform them into financial,

cultural, or social value for others. EntreComp elements are woven into EYE training  aimed at making

someone entrepreneurial as defined by the framework set forth by the European Commission. 

     * Knowledge Building inquiry-based collaborative learning pedagogy forms the foundational base

to support the teaching and learning of Knowledge Economy competences in demand by the

21st Century workforce, in the process supporting the development of skilled problem solvers.

​     * A growth mindset is the core understanding that abilities are malleable and not fixed, and critical in

a range of circumstances, from school to entrepreneurship. A person can cultivate a growth mindset at

any point in life. The growth mindset is based on the belief  that an individual's basic qualities can be

cultivated through efforts. 

EYE coursework designed to acquire entrepreneurial skillsets coupled with inquiry-based learning to acquire

21st Century skills is delivered via distance learning methodologies. The combination of three proven strategies

in one training model creates a common denominator to train individuals to develop  skills and competences

that enable them to become problem solvers. In the process, our trainees acquire valuable skills demanded

by today's employers, They also develop a capacity to act upon opportunities and ideas to transform them into 

value for others, skills that can be applied to the workforce as well as to entrepreneurship needed to start a

business or to become active citizens and social entrepreneurs.





Proposal applications are prepared in English and readied for submission, meeting established deadlines


EYE - E-Incubator for Young Entrepreneurs

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EYE Dialogueincludes

multiplier events, tele-

collaboration and virtual

exchanges to gain insights

and dissemination information

to support opportunities for 

meaningful interactions that 

advance ​our mission

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Linking Interventions to Achieve Results...

Reporting requirements are met throughout the term of the project

K-12  and Post- 


June 27, 2019

Impact Investing in Europe:

A Virtual Fireside Chat and

Q&A with Robert Rubinstein

Our vision for EYE is to set forth a model of  training + linkages + dialogue  that applies the tenets

of entrepreneurship  in all its dimensions to one  of the most serious challenges to a global society - the

skills gap that leads to youth unemployment and underemployment.  Our Theory of Change develops a shared  understanding of the problem - and in some areas the crisis - and outlines interventions that will lead to outcomes that ultimately contribute toward solving  the problem and producing significant

long-term impact.  The EYE model embraces the common definition of entrepreneurship set forth by the European Commission: 

                                     the capacity to act upon opportunities and ideas  to transform them

                                     into financial, cultural or social value for others.

Acquiring Skills

for Workforce


A Community of Practice

For Teachers/Trainers, Staff

and Faculty... 

Becoming Entrepreneurial...

The budget is determined, as well as any required co-funding or contributions 

Our Mission:  To address society-wide challenges toward

producing positive outcomes and intellectual outputs

while convening stakeholders around:

- Facilitating the acquisition of skills needed for success

   in education, in a job, in entrepreneurship or social

   entrepreneurship, and as active citizens

- Social Entrepreneurship, Innovation, Competitiveness

- Youth Unemployment/Underemployment/NEETS, 

   Social Inclusion and Poverty Reduction, Self-Reliance,

   ​Economic Development, and other projects for social impact

The project's logicframe defines its scope, objectives and long-term results

Opportunities to Collaborate...

 The EYE Community of Practice (CoP) resides on our digital platform as a method of bringing together staff,

teachers and instructors, faculty and others who train and mentor beneficiaries. This virtual community of

practice allows its members to network and communicate on a regular basis to share information and

experiences, to learn from each other and develop their professional capacities as trainers and mentors.

It is also the space EYE partners and organizers access to share information and communicate about

the project's progress. The EYE CoP contains a repository of informational resources that can help expand

training options and stay abreast of publications, research and other information pertinent to the work

accomplished through EYE. ​​The EYE Community of Practice also organizes the "train the trainer" workshops

for the diverse needs of our projects.  

Partnerships coming together to implement the EYE Model are

nurtured through the application process, especially important

for those partners lacking the fluency in English required by

many funding applications. Documents are shared through

a virtual platform so that all components of an application are

agreed to by all partners and the application becomes a true

representation of collaboration. 




Handicapped / Disabled