Training teachers, instructors and mentors to become effective facilitators of knowledge and learning.  Supporting a virtual network to share experiences and ideas about piloting, access literature on best practice, and collaborate.

​Bridging  the gap between

EMPOWERING PROBLEM SOLVERS  prepares ​individuals to pursue entrepreneurship through a

two-pronged model of Piloting and Telecollaboration:




A project of

Global Skills Network

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A feature of EYE to spotlight a major challenge requiring entrepreneurial interventions.

This week, our focus is on water.

To meet the world water crisis, a simple water purifier was invented, developed, and patented at

New Life International. Using common table salt and a 12 volt battery, the water purifier creates

chlorine to disinfect water.Chlorination has saved more lives than, perhaps, any other technology
- Residual from chlorine sanitizes plumbing, medical equipment, fabrics and water containers
- The treatment of surface water and contaminated wells with an on-site generated chlorine from

the New Life water purifier is the quickest solution to contaminated water problems.

Finance &



​EntreComp + Real World Collaborative Learning to Acquire

A Growth Mindset 



Transforming Ideas & Opportunities into

Products and Services of Value to Others



EntreComp is the European Commission's framework for supporting entrepreneurship in all its dimensions.

But what is ENTREPRENEURSHIP if not FOR PURPOSE BUSINESS - the ability to produce services and

products of value to others? EntreComp training supports the acquisition of skills, competences and a growth

mindset for problem-solving that enables EYE trainees to become entrepreneurial with a purpose - from

improving human health to healing the planet from environmental degradation and everything in between. It

bridges the worlds of entrepreneurship as a business startup and entrepreneurship for social impact. Take a

look at the three movements that constitute the themes around which EYE training will take place for ideas

about the greatest challenges facing humankind that need entrepreneurial solutions:


​Linkages to Enabling Environments for

the "business" of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship Ecosystems 

Idea Centers

Innovation Labs

Business Accelerators 

Research Centers


Resilient Communities *  Economic Opportunity 

  Social Equity  *  Environmental Well-Being

Empowering Problem Solvers

Enabling Individuals to Tackle Goals

for the One Place Humankind Calls Home 


The EYE Platform fulfills several functions for

bridging the collaboration gap:

- Supports a virtual showcase of the project's

outcomes - products and services that result

from the piloting activities;

- Creates a venue to bridge the gap between

changemakers with a project and ​those wanting

to join as collaborators or supporters. This brings

entrepreneurial projects that address SDG/ILO/

SMART Cities goals to life. The platform brings

advocacy to a convergence point between crowd-

sourcing and petition-signing. Its database allows

users to identify who is interested in which theme

or movement and possesses what competences or

skills to forge a solution through entrepreneurship.

Likewise, users can perform searches on the database

for specific topics, common language and geography,

and other prompts to narrow collaboration prospects.

​- Supports virtual exchanges amongst participants -

trainees and facilitators - for interactions that can

lead to collaboration. Virtual exchanges are hosted by

trained Erasmus+ facilitators and utilize a number of

virtual connections for several participants simultaneously

appear on the screen.  

- Also serves as a dissemination mechanism on

outputs and outcomes, especially important for outreach

to policymakers focused on the SDG/ILO Flagship

Programmes / SMART & Resilient Cities and Communities 

​issues, bringing a deeper understanding to the complexity

of the problems being addressed by global goals.

Becoming a problem-solving entrepreneur requires engagement in a relevant learning environment, which

can be a traditional classroom, a vocational training programme, entrepreneurship ecosystem co-working

space or anywhere distance learning can be applied in small group learning formats. These are the enabling

environments for piloting the EYE model:


K-22 Education

Idea Centers



*  Co-Work Sites

*  Innovation Centers

*  Research Labs




Calling all entrepreneurs! 



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Pilot the EYE Model almost anywhere in the world!  

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   Empowering Problem Solvers

is the first step toward creating

resilient communities and  economic opportunity that lead

to social equity and a healthy planet.  







EMPOWERING PROBLEM SOLVERS pilots support E-Incubation to bridge the gap between vision

and action through EntreComp training. Pilots recruit and train mentors and instructors of EntreComp content

delivered through distance learning mechanisms to become effective facilitators, who create Pathways and

linkages so trainees can apply knowledge to a practical application of entrepreneurship. Two 

Communities of Practice constitute a unique function of the project to network facilitators to share ideas

and experiences, explore strategies for embedding entrepreneurship education and training into formal

education, become change agents to bring entrepreneurship competencies to an institution, organization 

or school and other learning environments, gain access to literature on best practice and on the issue around

which entrepreneurial ventures are being developed, and be mentored by more ​​experienced facilitators. 



Creating a structure for the systematic

approach to problem solving


EYE - E-Incubator for Young Entrepreneurs

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