EYE –The E-Incubator for Young Entrepreneurs – constitutes an intervention directed primarily

toward training within the EntreComp: The Entrepreneurship Competence Framework. EYEMED –

The E-Incubator for Young Entrepreneurs in the Mediterranean Region  – originated from EYE to

specifically address the European Neighbourhood Instrument Cross-Border Collaboration in the

Mediterranean Sea Basin (ENI CBCMed) call for cross-border collaboration. It rises to the challenge

of creating economic opportunities and jobs through training for acquiring a mindset. skills and key

competences needed for personal development, social inclusion, active citizenship and employment

while also preparing an individual for becoming a successful entrepreneur.  

The EYEMED training model focuses on trainees acquiring 21st Century skills that will sustain them

through their journey toward successful entrepreneurship.These same skills can also improve their

employability in a workforce prepared with capabilities for analytical problem-solving, innovation and

creativity, self-direction and initiative, flexibility and adaptability, critical thinking, and skills in being

able to communicate, work in teams and collaborate.  EYEMED focuses on identifying, recruiting

and training beneficiary participants from our target group, referred to as trainees, in areas with

high unemployment and under-employment in the Mediterranean region identified as eligible for 

ENI CBCMed funding.

EYEMED mentors are experienced in the same material being taught, and guide trainees through

the training modules, delivered via e-learning methodologies. They also liaison with local entrepre-

neurship ecosystems and business incubators for trainees to access services and resources that

help them start a business or grow an MSME.

EYEMED - Geography

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EYEMED was devised as a training model that promotes the acquisition of entrepreneurship competences

through distance learning coupled with activities and services within a localized entrepreneurial ecosystem.  Our 

project addresses the thematic objective of supporting NEETS, especially women and young entrepreneurs in acquiring 

entrepreneurship competences and applying them to starting a business or gaining employment. Additionally, the project has overlapping goals

aligned with the Authority's priority of promoting socio-economic development and social cohesion through cross-border collaboration that creates

synergies amongst Mediterranean Sea Basin countries. 

Evaluation of the EYEMED project allows us to assess how this type of coursework and its content, coupled with e-learning mechanisms and

complementary mentorship, will enable a person to become an entrepreneur and/or acquire the skills and capacities needed for success in 

entrepreneurship or employability.  EYEMED adheres to the systematic and objective assessment of the project according to standards set

forth by the Authority for the evaluation, monitoring and reviewing of project activities. 

​​EYEMED's targeted project beneficiaries are NEETs - young people ages 18-28 
not in education, employment or training. 

with a special effort placed on recruiting women to the project.  We have taken the 

definition of NEETs from Eurofound, the tripartite EU agency providing knowledge to

assist in the development of better social, employment and work-related policies that

define our target group. These include young people who are conventionally unemployed, 

unavailable for full-time employment, disengaged, opportunity seekers, and those who

are identified as a NEET not by choice. EYEMED seeks to understand the economic and

social consequences of a NEET’s disengagement from the labour market and education 

in order to create opportunities for them becoming gainfully employed or an entrepreneur,

which is an additional avenue for creating jobs.



EYEMED - A Multi-Partner

Cross-Border Collaboration

A Sign of the Times

In the Mediterranean Region

EYEMED Beneficiaries


Convening stakeholders

and external audiences in dialogue around the issues

of youth

unemployment and

economic development.

Join the battle - bring the EYEMED model 

combat youth unemployment and foster entrepreneurship 

in your region!

​​​EYEMED is a collaboration of a consortium of representatives from academic, business, public sector and training entities that include

Partners in the EU and Mediterranean Partner Countries, entrepreneurship ecosystems and public/private agencies that promote

employment opportunities amongst youth.  Contact:  Sandra Lund-Diaz, M.Ed., Administration Coordinator, info@eyeincubator.com 

Send us an email: info@eyeincubator.com


Employment and





In reaching out to public, public/private and private service providers, we endeavor to identify, recruit and retain NEETs to the EYEMED programme. 

These include the underemployed - professionals who cannot find work in their sectors - as well as recently-arrived immigrants and refugees. We

want to hear from these colleagues in the fight against unemployment and underemployment regarding their ideas and recommendations for bringing

their beneficiaries and clients into the programme as a means of contributing toward bringing economic development and social cohesion to their


It is said that in the Southern flanks of the EU, unemployment is an emergency but underemployment is a crisis. ​The European Commission characterized

unemployed youth as a ‘lost generation’ — the possibility of entering into long-term unemployment with no future or prospects for a permanent occupation

steadily increasing. Their unemployment rate is much higher than that of other groups, a situation particularly acute for women in the Mediterranean countries

of the Middle East and Northern Africa. Full participation in adulthood for these youth is stalled for numerous reasons, from a limited supply of jobs to education

systems that fail to provide adequate levels of skills or the right kind of skills demanded by the 21st Century workforce. EYEMED serves as a solution to these 

​problems by helping our target group acquire skills, mindset and competences that enhance employability and/or prepares them for a journey toward successful

entrepreneurship. The project also provides learning environments conducive to effective learning, that requires not only the acquisition but also the active

application of knowledge, skills, and processes.

NEETS and underemployed professionals ages


​with an interest in recruiting women




18-28 year-olds who

are unemployed,


or belong to a NEET

(Not in Education,

Employment or

Training) population.


Networks Working

to Combat Youth



Unemployed and



A.3.1: Provide young people,especially those belonging

to the NEETS, and women, with marketable skills


Our Audiences


A.3 Promotion of social inclusion and the

fight against poverty



The EYEMED Solution

Cross-Border Collaboration for

Entrepreneurship Competences

Distance Learning for Skills Training 

​Community of Practice for Trainers and Mentors

Local Linkages with ​Entrepreneurship Ecosystems

Stakeholder Dialogue through Multiplier Events

EYEMED Defined 

Youth Unemployment

By the Numbers.....

The following geographic areas that meet those
criteria were selected as bases for designing,
developing and implementing the EYEMED
Entrepreneurship Training Model: European
Union Partner Countries of Portugal, Spain,
Italy and Greece / Mediterranean Partner
Countries (MPCs) of Jordan and Egypt, as 
well as surrounding territories by virtue 
of our Jordanian partners’ relationships 
within the region’s university-based 

The European Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan aims to ease the creation of new businesses and create more supportive environments for entrepreneurs

to thrive and grow. It is a blueprint for action to unleash Europe's entrepreneurial potential, removing existing obstacles and revolutionizing the culture of

entrepreneurship in the EU through the support of three Action Pillars:
                    1. Education to entrepreneurship: Supports a priority to get more people into work and to equip them with better skills

                        throughout their career paths and working lives.
                    2. Adequate business environment: Having a high quality regulatory framework that provides legal certainty and predictability

                        as a prerequisite for setting up a business.
3. Promotion of entrepreneurship towards young people and women, and supporting the development of transversal and

                        entrepreneurial skills to improve the employability of young people.
EYE –The E-Incubator for Young Entrepreneurs – constitutes an intervention directed primarily toward the E2020 Action Pillar 3, to reignite the culture of

entrepreneurship in Europe and nurture a new generation of entrepreneurs. Secondarily, it supports E2020 Action Pillar 1, to equip people with skills, in this

case entrepreneurial competences within the purview of entrepreneurship education to support a path toward entrepreneurial success. EYEMED – The

E-Incubator for Young Entrepreneurs in the Mediterranean Region – originated from EYE to specifically address the ENI CBCMed call for cross-border collaboration.



EYEMED In Practice

Not in Education,


or Training

EYE - E-Incubator for Young Entrepreneurs
EYE - E-Incubator for Entrepreneurs


Trainers wanting to

provide a more

complete learning

path for their

beneficiaries, including

the Public Sector