Our project supports the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), with a focus

on the AgriFood sector. The aim of this project is to set out a clear definition of the Atlantic Area

AgriFood ecosystem and to identify and classify AgriFood ecosystem sectoral pressures on

growth to create pathways towards internationalisation.  Activity also includes focus on EU policy

regarding the development of the ocean economy.  Once a larger temporal picture is developed

of the regional ecosystems, InterPathAtlantic then examines the environmental pressures and

impacts from the growing sectors to iteratively develop a sustainable innovation toolkit to forge

possible pathways to internationalisation.  The outputs will assist industry stakeholders, regional

authorities and policymakers in establishing sustainable pathways to internationalisation in the

AgriFood sector for the Atlantic Area. 

Innovation is a cross-cutting theme but also a Priority Axis of the Interreg Atlantic programme.

It is also considered as one of the most important driving forces for regional and economic

development. It can be described as a process through which knowledge is created and

translated into new products, services or processes of the private and the public sector.

Innovation is conceived in a variety of contexts, such as technology, economy, social systems,

policy development etc., and can be process-oriented, goal-oriented or context-oriented.

Innovation is a key driver of Atlantic Area projects. The AgriTourTech Atlantic Project addresses 

Priority 1: Stimulating innovation and competitiveness 
           In order to face the challenge of accelerating intelligent growth, projects that work in

accordance with the Regional Smart Specialisation Strategies (RIS3) concept are sought to

support the creation of the right environment, to stimulate innovation and increase trade and

exports, combining strengths, competences and R&I. Priority 1 has two objectives:

    1.1 Enhancing innovation capacity through cooperation to foster competitiveness

    1.2 Strengthening the transfer of innovation results to facilitate the emergence of new products,

services and processes.

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